Happy readers leave good reviews! With all they can possibly complain about, don't let bad formatting, and/or proofreading be one of them! Poor reviews drag your Amazon rating down, burying your book even deeper into the Amazon haystack. Formatting comes with a properly formatted ToC. Or get proofreading, formatting, and a ToC all for one great price!

Formatting (includes ToC if desired):
110 pages or less       $45.00
255 pages or less       $90.00
345 pages or less     $105.00
460 pages or less     $125.00
595 pages or less     $135.00

Proofreading Only (books are proofed twice. Initially, and then again after the author makes recommended corrections):

Up to 110 pages   $215.00

​Up to 255 pages   $295.00

​Up to 345 pages   $345.00

Up to 460 pages   $405.00

​Up to 595 pages   $475.00

Proofreading and Formatting Combined:

Up to 110 pages    $235.00

​Up to 255 pages    $375.00

Up to 345 pages    $425.00

​Up to 460 pages    $525.00

​up to 595 pages    $575.00

​Editing services are available at an additional charge. Quotes are available upon inspection of your book or project.

Contact Chameleon to request any of these services. References available.

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