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Camile can hardly believe the luck of her chance encounter with a tall dark stranger, and it eventually leads to what she hopes will be a sizzling vacation romance. But she slowly learns chance had nothing to do with it, and unlucky is the word that begins to best describe it as events take a terrifying turn. She quickly finds herself knee deep in a web of lies and deceit, and the object of an abduction that turns out to have far reaching consequences. Once back home, she overhears a conversation that leads her to uncover the shocking truth of her abduction, and forces her to face something she never thought she would have to face again. Him.

After an accident leaves Dani stranded in the middle of nowhere, a helpful stranger happily drives her to Paradise. Though the residents are warm and friendly, and seemingly eager to make her happy there, she begins to suspect foul play as every means of leaving is blocked by one thing after another. As she begins to experiences a series of strange, supernatural events, she's convinced she's somehow managed to take a wrong turn off the main road of reality, and becomes increasingly alarmed as memories of her life before Paradise begin to fade. Her eventual escape from Paradise comes about in a most unusual way, and through no effort of her own. Once back home, she's compelled to unravel the mystery of Paradise, but as the frightening secrets are finally revealed, she'll stop at nothing to get back there. Unfortunately, there's one thing standing in her way...